The joy of owning crap stuff
It's not absolutely crap, it's relatively crap. And it's a liberating feeling.
How I rate the books I read
Every book note I publish on this site gets a rating. Here's how I do it and why it's useful.
Why I take notes when I read books
It takes longer. But that's a good thing, actually.
Writing online is a serendipity engine
My life fell apart in 2020, but this blog—and the people it introduced me to—saved my life. This is the story of what happened to me, and how the internet could do the same for you.
A Plague of Gurus: How the Internet Was Flooded With Fake Success
There are thousands of promises for sale online, and most of them are empty. They’re sold by a cohort of self-proclaimed mentors, coaches and gurus all promising health, wealth and happiness but whose expensive courses prove to be little more than trite, recycled advice. How the hell did we get here?
Optimising For Deck Chairs - Why We Fool Ourselves Into Solving the Wrong Problems
When we've got a problem, many of us like to swing into action and get to work on building a solution. Thing is, sometimes we end up solving the wrong problem. Here's how to slow down and get to the bottom of things without wasting your time.
How to Buy Gifts That People Actually Want
Every year, we buy more bad gifts than we realise and nobody tells us about it. Here's how to avoid the most common pitfalls and use psychology to drastically improve your gift-giving game.
If You Want to Be A [Noun] You Have to Do The [Verb]
The easiest way to become someone is to do something. Here's why, and how you can begin the process as early as today.
The Idea Lifecycle: Why Good Ideas Are Not Enough
It doesn't matter how many good ideas you have - if you don't do anything with them, they're worthless. Here's how to make the most of the ideas in your head and turn them into something useful.
The Anatomy of a Viral Blog Post
Last month, an article on this website went viral. It was my first experience of quite so much traffic in such a short period of time. I kept detailed notes over the days it took place - this is my analysis of why it happened and what it means.
My Utterly Bizarre Routine to Write 1000 Words Every Day
In which I discuss the *totally weird* life-changing benefits of consistently sitting down and doing the work, every day, until it is finished.
Building a Creativity Kanban
To get more creative work done, think like a car manufacturer. A system for optimising the creative process and breaking through your barriers.
The Unusual Way to Work Like a Nobel Prize-Winning Physicist
Are you having enough fun? Forget always trying to 'crush your goals' 24/7 - try goofing off once in a while. You might surprise yourself.
The Tyranny of the Popcorn Post
Popcorn Posts are everywhere and they're clogging up the internet. Here's why that's a bad thing, and some suggestions for how to recover from a popcorn addiction.
The Ultimate Guide to Safety Razor Shaving
It's cheaper. It's better for the environment. It's a better shave. Why isn't everyone doing it? A complete reckoning of the benefits of, and instructions for, the lost art of safety razor shaving.
Notes From A Flat Earth Conference
Two and a half years ago I went to a conference to take portraits of people who believe the earth is flat. I thought it would be a straightforward photography project. It was not.
You've Never Manifested Anything
Sorry to break it to you. Here's an explanation of what's really going on, and why 'manifesting' is such a misleading concept.
The Lightbulb Obsession
An exploration of our obsession with the idea-as-lightbulb narrative. If you want to have amazing ideas, don't just sit there - do something.
S-Curve Thinking: Why Your Life Looks Like a Wobbly Line
Life isn't linear. Stuck in a rut or not sure what to do next? It's time to get wobbly.
'Am I Wrong?' 3 Ways to Turn Error Into Opportunity
We often expend a lot of energy avoiding mistakes. But with any error comes opportunity, depending on how you approach it.
How to Learn Online for Free
If you know where to look, you can learn practically anything you want to online for free. It's the biggest opportunity out there that not enough take advantage of - here's how to do it.
Are You in It for the Learning?
You don't need an education to learn. But you do need to learn to succeed.
The Ethics of Teaching Online
It's never been easier to begin teaching online. But just because you can, doesn't mean you should. And if you do, are you sure you're acting ethically?
Is It Too Late? No. Start Now.
Sometimes it feels like it's too late to start. Luckily, it's not. Here's why it's so important to get started today, and how to go about doing exactly that.
There's No Such Thing As Multitasking
The greatest myth about multitasking... is that it even exists. Here's why, and how you can break out of the trap.
Stop Worrying About Productivity (And Do This Instead)
Having a great productivity system will help you to get a lot done. But it might be doing more damage than you think.
You Don't Have to Be 'A Creative' To be Creative
It's a common misconception that only certain people get to be creative. The truth is that we all are, and it's the most important thing we can be.

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