A now page is what I'm working on, interested in, and exploring right now. Last updated: November 2023, from my home in Bristol, UK.

Marketing in a life science startup

I'm the Director of Brand and Communications at Synthace. I'm responsibile for the content we publish, media relations, and building our brand in the industry. I've produced videos, written and launched a new website, and I wrote our strategic narrative and brand POV.

Most recently, I ran a targeted media campaign about a prototype integration of ChatGPT with our platform (see: blog, video, press).

Planning a wedding

My partner and I got engaged in May, and we've been planning our wedding ever since. It's going surprisingly well! Many people warn of the stresses of wedding planning, but we've shaped our celebrations in such a way that we've limited the chances for stress to actually happen. Looking forward to next Spring when we tie the knot :)

Reading, writing

Currently reading: "On Bullshit" by Harry G. Frankfurt

Selected writing in draft:

  • Compartmentalized decoy optimization
  • The joy of owning crap stuff
  • Decentralized multi-level coaching schemes
  • I miss the old internet